FX Medicine podcast on Cardiometabolic Syndrome Part 1

Cardiometabolic syndrome is a very serious health condition that needs more recognition. Cardiometabolic syndrome is a multifactorial complex condition and is a cluster of abdominal obesity, elevated blood pressure, and elevated triglycerides and fasting plasma glucose. Additionally, there is insulin resistance, chronic inflammation, increased oxidative stress, and a prothrombotic state. There is a higher risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Out of Australia’s top 20 leading causes of death in 2016, 6 of these can be directly related to cardiometabolic syndrome and another 3 of these diseases have links with cardiometabolic syndrome.

Collectively cardiometabolic syndrome accounts for more deaths in Australia than any other single disease.

Diet and nutrition play a major role in the management of cardiometabolic syndrome. This podcast discusses the impact of cardiometabolic syndrome on health as well as the effect of diet and nutrition, plus more.

Cardiometabolic syndrome needs greater attention. Listen on for more information…

Cardiometabolic Syndrome FX Medicine Podcast Part 1


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