Pyrrole Disorder webinar: Part 1. Background, Pathophysiology, Signs and Symptoms

Pyrrole disorder is a complex disorder with numerous signs and symptoms.

Although Pyrrole Disorder is not a new health condition, there has been a large influx of information and misinformation in recent years leading to confusion of the signs, symptoms, and treatment.

This comprehensive webinar will enable practitioners to greatly expand their scope of understanding of the diagnosis, pathophysiology and clinical signs of pyrrole disorder.

This webinar will benefit new and established practitioners as well as students to consolidate their learning.

Pyrrole Disorder: Part 1. Details the background, pathophysiology, signs and symptoms of Pyrrole Disorder

When: Tuesday, 22nd May 2018

What Time: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm AEST

Where: Online

Webinar through Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS).


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