Nail Diagnosis webinar

Physical examination plays a fundamental role in determining the treatment and management options of patients in naturopathy and nutritional medicine clinical practice. Nails often reflect the general state of health and wellbeing of a person. It is known that systemic disease/s can produce changes in the nails. Detailed examination of the fingernails can provide indications of nutritional deficiencies and potential underlying systemic diseases.

This comprehensive webinar will enable practitioners to greatly expand their skills and knowledge in the use of nail diagnosis in clinical practice. This webinar also aims to improve the skills of clinical examination in relation to nutritional deficiencies. This informative webinar will also be beneficial to students to consolidate their learning. PDF notes are included with the webinar.

Topics covered:
– Nail anatomy
– Nail signs (causes, nutritional deficiencies, clinical prescribing)
– Conditions and related nail signs
– Tissue salts/Celloids

Learning outcomes:
– Identify and describe nail signs
– Identify potential nutritional deficiencies in relation to nail signs and clinical examination
– Identify health conditions related to nail signs

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